luni, 28 noiembrie 2016

In love with the world

I want to drive.
I want to ride the open road like a pirate rides their ship
I want to own the world
And smile at it and see it wave hello to me
I want to yell
And yell
And scream at the Sun,
To thank it for the freedom.
I want to look beside me at the freckled queen
With high brown stockings and eyes that look into Heaven.
I want to open my soul until I can feel my eyelids stretch and grow with wonder
And I want to feel a cathedral in my chest
With Gregorian voices resounding all through it,
Singing of divinity.

I want to own myself and every dare I choose to take
And even though I leave a gorgeous Dawn behind,
I’m here to seize the day,
One day…

I’ve said goodbye so many times it has become hello
To every other soul I find, just lost throughout the world
I’ve left so many homes by now that every time I go
I know I’ll find another one, they line up in a row.

I stumble on the doorstep to the world,
The doorstep into it-
I’m nothing but a daredevil coward that cannot fall asleep,
As I’ve been cursed with wakefulness and lands I cannot keep.
But who needs land when I have Universes in my mind
And stars clinking in my ears
Like silver bells of choir boys
On winter days
With snowed-on trees?

I’m blessed to live and have a choice
And make the choice
To sing with all my lungs in open fields
Where none can hear
And none disrupt my voice.
With questions I can ask and maps I can explore,
With water I can still pour over me
And grapes meant for the Gods.
With moments I can ask for more
With memories that will not flee
And a girl that jumps into wild rivers
And has them bow down to their knees
As she swims against the currents
And kindly greets the trees.

I am in love with the world.
And so, I passionately hate it.
It offers all I’ll ever need
But never tools to take it.
And so, I’ll have to plant a seed,
And see if it will make it.

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